How do I use BEVRAMED® Footcare Cream Foam?

Unlike other foams for foot care, the BEVRAMED® Footcare Cream Foam does not use fuel gas and should therefore not be shaken before use! Just hold the dispenser upright and press the pump once all the way down. The walnut-sized amount you will get is the recommended dosage for one foot. Apply and massage gently to dry, horny or itching parts.

BEVRAMED® Footcare Cream Foam absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy film. Textiles and stockings can be put on immediately. If used regularly, the foam can protect the skin from external influences and moisture loss.

  • for external use only
  • can be used between the toes
  • avoid contact with eyes and mucosa
  • keep out of reach of children
  • store in a cool (<25°C) and dry place