Special case: Diabetes

People with diabetes should take particular care of their feet.

People suffering from diabetes are particularly vulnerable for dry, horny or itching feet. Often their blood sugar level is unstable and as a result, circulatory disorders and nerve damage may occur, which in turn can weaken the skin barrier.

As a result of nerve damage, many people with diabetes have a reduced sensation of pain and may not feel injuries to their feet at all or until very late. This way, injuries may worsen and sometimes receive treatment when the damage is hard or impossible to heal. Since wound healing of persons with diabetes is often impaired, treatment of such injuries is difficult and often takes long. In the worst case, the so-called ‘diabetic foot syndrome’ occurs. 15% of all patients with diabetes are affected by this syndrome leading to 84% of all lower leg amputations.

Correct foot care and some preventive tips may considerably help to reduce the risk for persons with diabetes to suffer from the above problems. Click on the underlined words to learn more about the BEVRAMED® Footcare Cream Foam or to get helpful tips for the prevention of foot problems.