Special formula

The new BEVRAMED® Footcare Cream Foam is perfectly tuned to the requirements of dry, horny or itching feet.

Due to its special formula BEVRAMED® Footcare Cream Foam ensures fast and effective regeneration of your feet. It strengthens the weakened skin barrier optimally and improves the resistance of your skin. It provides perfect protection – even for problems caused by diabetes.

  • Urea: The high urea content (10%) provides your skin with sufficient moisture, making it smooth and soft again. In addition, urea helps that flaky skin can clear up more easily so that healthy skin can regenerate faster. Calluses are continuously reduced this way and irritating pressure spots are gently lessened.
  • Panthenol: Panthenol supports regeneration of new cells so that stressed skin is relieved fast and effectively. It has properties that relive itching and support healing and therefore strengthen particularly the stressed skin of persons with diabetic problems. Furthermore, Panthenol reduces unpleasant redness.
  • Hamamelis: Witch hazel extracts provide a breathable layer that protects the skin of your feet from external influences and moisture loss. In addition, they activate the skin metabolism and enhance circulation. This improves skin elasticity and renders the skin of your feet visibly vitalised.