Healthy feet are nothing to be taken for granted.

They carry us all our lives and are often ignored. Pay more attention to your feet and prevent foot problems by applying a few easy tips.

  • Take a vitalising footbath once a week. This helps to stimulate circulation in your feet and at the same time cleans them from dirt and sweat.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable and breathable footwear. This way you can prevent irritating pressure points from occurring.
  • Every day, strengthen your feet with a few little exercises. They will stimulate circulation and improve mobility. For instance, bounce on the tips of your toes or try picking up simple objects (e.g. keys, pencils or a towel) from the floor with your toes.
  • Check your feet and especially the soles of your feet regularly for damage with a mirror. Particularly for persons with diabetes this is important because smaller, untreated injuries may worsen easily and are hard to heal later.
  • If possible, see a foot-care specialist regularly. Specialists can provide optimal care for your feet and help with valuable tips for treating foot problems. Especially older or overweight people with limited mobility or vision should have their feet treated by a specialist to prevent injuries (e.g. when cutting their toenails) and to discover injuries in time.
  • Don’t forget to cream: Ensure that your skin receives sufficient moisture and apply suitable cream or foot foam regularly.