Restricted calf muscle activity and weakened veins are main reasons for venous complaints.

As soon as our calf muscle activity is being restricted for a longer time period, the blood cannot be pushed upwards as easily anymore. As a result, blood can start to gather in our feet and calves causing uncomfortable feelings, such as heavy, aching legs or swollen ankles. This often happens when travelling with limited legroom or working in jobs that require long periods of sitting or standing.

Various factors naturally weaken our venous walls during the course of life and therefore advantage a widening of our veins. With widened veins however, the venous valves cannot close properly anymore and blood can flow downwards, accumulating in our feet and legs and causing heavy, swollen feelings or burning sensations. Reasons for weakened veins can be:

  • age
  • overweight
  • smoking
  • surgeries
  • a genetic predisposition
  • a general lack of exercise
  • hormonal changes