Tips for healthy legs

10 tips to improve the function of your veins.

In general, venous complaints are said to be an age-related problem. However, this does not mean that everybody is at its mercy. With targeted activities, a healthy lifestyle and a little support from BEVRASAN® vein problems can be lessened enormously and even prevented from occurring:

  • Exercise regularly: especially walking, hiking, swimming and biking benefit your blood circulation.
  • Do simple vein gymnastics especially when sitting or standing for long hours at a stretch. Just lift one foot and move the tip up and down or in a circle. Do this at least 30 seconds; then switch to the other foot.
  • Prefer climbing stairs instead of taking escalators or elevators
  • Allow your legs to rest: put your feet up after long periods of sitting or standing!
  • The motto is: rather walk and lie than stand and sit.
  • Avoid hot baths- rather start your day with a cold shower on your legs.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: try not to wear tight trousers, belts or shoes too often.
  • Eat healthy: not your stomach needs fat but your skin. Rather massage your legs at least once a week with a rich lotion to feed your skin and activate the blood circulation.
  • Watch your weight: avoid overweight and try to eat plenty of fibre-rich foods.
  • Wear graduated socks or panty hoses to prevent blood circulation problems.

The graduated socks and panty hoses by BEVRASAN® support your legs and thereby improve the venous flow. Furthermore, they give a constant restful massage to your legs all day long.